August 12 - 14, 2018

Michael Dubinsky

Head of Product

4:40 PM IAM + Network Security = Zero Trust: A New Model to Secure Access to Corporate Resources in Hybrid Environments

The enterprise environment is becoming hybrid and distributed. As a result, the traditional network perimeter solutions such as VPNs, DMZs and NACs can no longer provide the security, flexibility and agility required for the modern business and adequately protect the organizations’ servers, applications and workloads. 
To address these business needs, the security architecture must shift from the network level focus to the identity, device and applications level, and in fact – implement a Zero Trust Access model.

By leveraging the Zero Trust model, an organization can enforce an easy-to-manage access policy that is unified regardless of where the users, devices or resource are located. 

With this shift, you can also govern the activities of standard or privileged accounts, across any resource with full audit trail of the user’s actions.
The discussion will include:
•What are the building blocks of a Zero Trust architecture? How can you combine identity-as-a-service and device management with network level security? What are the alternatives and the related pros and cons? 
•How can a Zero Trust access model support the modern organization’s security, flexibility and agility requirements? 
•Real world case studies of: operations team access (DevOps), third party access, M&A IT integration and cloud migration based on user, device and application context. 

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