August 12 - 14, 2018

Karen Davis

Business Group Chief Information Officer

10:40 AM Technical Staffing- Recruitment and Retention Challenges and Solutions

Developing an effective talent strategy prevents turnover and drives consistent performance. In an area of zero unemployment, it’s crucial to attract, develop and retain talent. Talent development including training, hiring, retaining, lost productivity, awareness training, and  training specific to function are all part of the organization’s security mission. The lack of skilled people to fill current openings is a well known fact.
This session will discuss developing cybersecurity executives throughout their careers:
•             Helping equip the next generation to understand what cybersecurity professionals are and what they  do including the right recruitment practices
•             Equipping hiring managers to develop the right team for the enterprise
•             Inspiring and motivating cyber security professionals
•             Innovative ways to close the IT security skills gap

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Karen.

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